About LOU (available in english)

A Virtual Reality experience to feel the sensitivity of an autistic child.

Experience the world with the sensitivity of a person with autism. Learn how to deal with stimuli, crises and moments of fascination by immersing yourself in Lou’s atypical sensory universe.

There are as many ways to be autistic as there are autistic people. LOU – Kid/Teen lets people experience what it’s like to be an autistic child named Lou, to see and hear through his eyes and ears. Lou is a character inspired by our children and other autistic people we have met. This VR experience is a metaphoric interpretation, based on the life experiences that were shared with us. Several autistic people participated as actors, creators and advisors.

Thus, the interactivity is lived by the users of the work by entering into Lou’s perceptions. The user will have to interact with other people in places that are sometimes noisy and full of stimuli. The user will also have to manipulate objects and perform everyday actions while being in the body of Lou. Lou is a unique experience that has never been seen before. It is now possible to feel how some people on the Spectrum experience exponentially the sensory load in their daily lives.


  1. I would like to know more about your platform an d even try it as a father of young twins in the autistic spectrum.
    Thks in advance!!

  2. […] VR experience called LOU immerses users in the sensory experiences of a child with autism. The experience is a metaphoric […]

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